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Inspired by Stephen Covey's First Things First principle, Primero is a todo list with a twist that helps you to get things done.

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What is Primero

Primero is an online todo list based on Steven Covey's First Things First principle that you can use with your favourite web browser. As an online service you can access your Primero todo list from anywhere at anytime, so you'll never have worry about forgetting those important tasks again.


Simply categorise your todo items based on importance and urgency.


Instantly see where you need to direct your intention.


Keep focused on tasks you sometimes neglect, increase your effectiveness.

Urgent &

These are todo items that must be done immediately. Very generally we are just reacting to items in this list, whether they be impending deadlines or crises.

It's likely there will be a few problem issues in this list that we could have avoided with better planning.

Not Urgent &

These are todo items that are important to our goals but don't need to be done immediately. This is where the magic happens and where Primero will have the biggest impact on your productivity by helping you focus on tasks that are often neglected and never completed.

We need to be proactive and plan time to work on these items. If we don't plan to work on these todo items they might end up in our Urgent & Important list later on.

Urgent &
Not Important

Be careful with these items, they may appear urgent but are not important in relation to your goals. Often meetings will fit into this category as well as requests and other interruptions.

Try to diplomatically reject as many of these as you can.

Not Urgent &
Not Important

These tasks tend to be trivial and generally are a waste of your time.

Try to avoid these altogether if you can - at the very least minimise them.

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